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As well as the laughter, I prayed as I walked. It is easy to catch a glimpse of transcendence when you walk through this sort of beauty


but there are also the times of plod, of tiredness. I prayed for all those who had asked for prayers. I prayed for the world. I spent time with the thump of my feet and the rasp of my breath as I quietened down. One of the things I brought (again!) was for grace to trust more, especially in the future.

We went to Mass if we passed a Church at the right time. We went into open churches. Here is the Church of Santiago in Betanzos


Inside the arches bow at an alarming angle, although the priest assured us they are now stable. We saw this beautiful stained glass


The shell is of course the symbol of the Camino. It is often used to pour water by the priest in Baptism. This sums up for me a great deal. The journey of life and the journey of Spirit combining and somehow being made a bit more visible in the space and grace and walking of Camino.


I hope that in the steps that I take and in the choices to be made, there will be always a deepening and an opening and a loving.


I think there need be little disconnect between the Camino and the rest of our life.


¡Buen Camino!

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beautiful. Thank you for the prayers.

Comment by rebrites

thank you.
de nada

Comment by pilgrimpace

This post is beautiful Andy! Thank you for sharing your reflections… I also think there should be no disconnection from the Camino and our lives, though, it is so easy to be drained by routine, work, commutting, even internet… this is why, perhaps for me, coming back to read posts on the Camino of fellow pilgrims is so important… just a reminder of my own experience and the wonderful feeling of joy for what others experienced too. Thank you.

Comment by Cris

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