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lenten journey – ash wednesday
February 18, 2015, 4:03 pm
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This evening at Mass, the priest will mark peoples foreheads with a cross made from the ashes of last year’s palm crosses.  He or she will say:

Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.

Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ.

and we will be well and truly into Lent, those forty days leading up to Easter when Christian people are invited to observe a time of penitence, to journey with Christ into the wilderness, to make space for God, to love more, to give things up that we might serve others better.

As is the custom with this blog, I invite you to accompany me on a Lenten Journey.  We will walk together on a pilgrimage for the next six weeks, sharing things which nourish us, visiting oases, giving company when things are tough.


I am much taken with the imagery of turning round.  At our baptisms we promise to turn to Christ.  Part of the job of clearing the rubbish that we have at the start of Lent is so we can see again clearly, so we can find the right road.

As the historian of place and folklore CL Nolan wrote,

The roads of [Lent] call for us to walk them, to wander them, but not to stray from them.

While there are clearly times to wander off, in these weeks let’s clear the rubbish from our lives so we can see the way before us.  Shall we walk it together?

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I look forward to accompanying you on the Lenten journey, Andy.

BTW, a while ago you asked me about Graham Robb’s The Ancient Paths: http://solitary-walker.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/the-celts-of-poetic-isles-makers-not.html

Comment by The Solitary Walker

Thanks Robert, looking forward to seeing what route we end up taking!
And thanks for the post about the Robb book. It certainly looks interesting

Comment by pilgrimpace

I would also like to join you Andy! Thanks for the invitation, indeed is easier if this is not done alone!

Comment by Cris

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