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March 11, 2015, 2:56 pm
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Now that illness is receding there is space and time and energy to read.

I’ve long enjoyed Wendell Berry’s poetry and I have taken This Day: Collected and New Sabbath Poems from my shelf.  These poems come from solitary Sunday walks around his farm in Kentucky.  I love the mix of nature, love of earth, spiritual longing, political anger.  I really recommend you read this if you can get a copy.


This poem, as a taster, sums up a lot of these weeks for me:


The winter world of loss

And grief is gone. The night

Is past. Along the whole

Length of the river, birds

Are singing in the trees.


Again, hope dreams itself

Awake. The year’s first lambs

Cry in the morning dark.

And, after all, we have

A garden in our minds.


We living know the worth

Of all the dead have done

Or hoped to do. We know

That hearts, against their doom,

Must plight an ancient troth.


Now come the bride and groom,

Now come the man and woman

Who must begin again

The work divine and human

By which we live on earth.

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