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nature writing – 6

The last day of the blossom.  On Saturday I walked to a neighbouring parish to conduct a wedding.  Cherry blossom lay under the trees like confetti.  The winds are already picking up for the storm forecast for today and tomorrow.  I think this will be the last day of the blossom, although I have a forlorn hope that the apple tree in front of this window may stay pink and red.

Yesterday I dug one of the beds in my vegetable plot.  We have peas ready to go on as soon as the soil is warm.  I listened to blackbirds and crows, watched a robin and bluetits.  I saw a cat sitting patiently by a mouse’s nest.  When I sat and warmed my back in the sun I read Esther Woolfson’s excellent Field Notes From a Hidden City: An Urban Nature Diary.  I recommend this.  She observes the nature around her in the city of Aberdeen.  It helps me to notice and to pay attention; it challenges us to reflect on how our actions effect and harm others – of vital importance in this week of a General Election where the Campaign has not concentrated on the needs of the environment (or indeed those people in great need in British society).  The book also meditates deeply on why so many of live in the city but do not engage with the nature around us, and why nature writing concentrates so often on the wild or where human beings are little present.


I will post more on this soon.


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have you read her book Corvus? I enjoyed it.

Comment by inukshukne

Your backyard looks beautiful!
What I love about the UK is the landscape, I have reflected about the fact that the rainy weather and the grey skies end blessing you with such a green landscape. While walking in Spain I was stunned at the differences between the Basque country, Rioja, the meseta, Galicia… Each country though has its own gift (and at times many and much different, as my country) result of centuries of a perseverant and constant weather, only changing with the seasons… Nowadays, I don´t quite seem even to recognize where I live, the trees that used to be around are not any more, the gardens are now in the top of a 15 floors building, not even the autumn seems to be the autumn I remember back from when I was a child…
As always, we tend to think on a natural catastrophe when there is a tsunami or an eartquake, but as with everything, the small acts are what matters… taking away even a square meter garden where the bees used to visit means a big damage to the environment… Thanks for taking care of your backyard, for making a place for all these birds to feel “at home”.

Comment by Cris M

Thank you both for your comments.
Caroline – I’ll add that to my list of books to read!
Cris – yes, it is wonderful to have the space and be able to do the work to make it into a good place. I love watching the birds – although the cats do too

Comment by pilgrimpace

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