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what is the way?

Two quotes below which we used in the sermon at St Bede’s this morning as a basis for exploration of what our relationship with God is.  Thanks to the many people who have shared the Richard Rohr quote (Laurie Green makes a very similar point in Blessed are the Poor?) and to Simon Foster for the Metropolitan Anthony quote.  The quotes related a lot to what we have been up to in the past few years in terms of learning from the Jesus’ teaching through Jesus Shaped People.  It led us into a wonderful time of sharing some very hard won stories and insights.  (In terms of the Richard Rohr quote, by the way, we decided we could have both).

“We worshipped Jesus instead of following him on his same path. We made Jesus into a mere religion instead of a journey toward union with God and everything else. This shift made us into a religion of “belonging and believing” instead of a religion of transformation.”

  • Richard Rohr The Naked Now


“Basically humility is the attitude of one who stands constantly under the judgment of God. It is the attitude of one who is like the soil. Humility comes from the Latin word ‘humus’, fertile ground. The fertile ground is there, unnoticed, taken for granted, always there to be trodden upon. It is silent, inconspicuous, dark and yet it is always ready to receive any seed, ready to give it subbstance and life. The more lowly, the more fruitful, becaues it become really fertile when it accepts all the refuse of the earth. It is so low that nothing can soil it, abase it, humiliate it; it has accepted the last place and cannot go any lower. In that position nothing can shatter the soul’s serentiy, its peace and joy.”

Living Prayer, by Anthony Bloom


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