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I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to descriptions of mystical experience and council estates (although not when it comes to romanticising poverty).  This extract from John Morgans’ diaries about his time on Penrhys is powerful and prophetic:

A tremendous thunderstorm somewhere to the south.  After two loud, long rolls of thunder, the sky turned white and the storm was preceded by a violent rush of wind and heavy rain.  To be high up in this house facing directly south gives a sense of being in the heart of the storm.  A few months ago at the Council Offices, Councillor Mattie Collins said that ‘if the problems of Penrhys were solved, we would at the same time be solving the nation’s problems.’  That is also to be at the heart of the storm.


The Rea Valley after the storm

Last month, Jane Winter gave us some interesting questions about estate ministry at the National Estate Churches Network Conference.  I am looking forward to seeing the wisdom that came in people wrestling with them:

  • What are the principles of sensitive mission?
  • How do we demonstrate our social action on estates as mission?
  • How is mission sensitive in an estates context?
  • How do we protect against the middle class mission package?
  • How would Jesus have done mission on our patch?
  • How can an estates approach to mission contribute to the national debate on mission?




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Thank you for this. Really like the words and pictures and the thought that if urban problems were solved, the nation’s problems would be solved. Not sure rural areas would agree though?

Comment by revdamanda

I wonder if an effort to sort the problems of the areas with the most poverty and which are most forgotten – wherever they are – is what he is getting at? Thanks for the thought

Comment by pilgrimpace

Yes and maybe addressing problems of urban poverty draws attention to people who are ignored or seem somehow responsible for their difficulties.

Comment by revdamanda


Comment by pilgrimpace

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