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January 5, 2016, 10:16 pm
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Good memories – a year ago I was in A Coruna sat outside ‘El Rey de Jamon’ drinking albarino, eating soft blue sheeps cheese and jamon. And the next morning we bussed to El Ferrol and began a Camino.

This year promises The Cistercian Way …

Pilgrimpace's Blog

As you will remember, the Intrepid Pilgrims had arrived in Ferrol on the morning of Three Kings …


Fortified with coffee and – praise be! – a fresh and tasty magdalena, we made our way through Ferrol and found the Camino route.

There was some debate at this point about whether we should walk across the bridge to Fene, which was something of a Short Cut. Looking at our route guide, we decided that the short cut was so large that we might arrive in Santiago before we left A Coruna.


It was wonderful walking, often in sight of the water. The weather was kind. We were very warm in the January sun.

We listened to the sounds of Mass as we rested outside ancient churches. A man called us over when he thought we were lost (we were heading off piste for a coffee).

Along the way were constant…

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