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jesus shaped people – catching some insights

The comments below were collected during an evaluation of Jesus Shaped People in St Thomas’, Garretts Green, one of our Estate Churches in Birmingham.  They fill me with great joy and admiration, and I am so glad to be part of a process of helping parishes like this move forward.  I’m really looking forward to the discernment process to see exactly what this Church is being led into next.  

These are certainly worth spending some time pondering and praying through.  I will be referring to these in a talk next week, so I’m leaving them here for people to see.

  1. I felt closer Jesus, more at his level, more part of what he did


  1. We’re Jesus’ disciples today, were here to continue his work


  1. Jesus loves us and he taught love


  1. Jesus is involved in all aspects of life, not just in church or in service but in politics too.


  1. Being Jesus Shaped sometimes puts us in uncomfortable situations or places


  1. We have to be forgiving and show love and kindness, we should have open arms.


  1. Jesus trusts us to further the kingdom so we should trust him; even when we mess things up there is always hope


  1. There are distractions all around us in our daily lives; JSP bought me back to realise Jesus is always there and it has given me more passion.


  1. How do we talk to people about our faith, especially those on the fringes of church. How can we make the most of our contacts?


  1. How can we reach out to more people, especially those on the outside?


  1. We need to equip ourselves to do good things really well


  1. Church/faith is a good place to be; safe on the inside where we get protection and are supported.


  1. JSP confirmed a lot of what we already do


  1. Prompted me to think about the things we do and why we do them.


  1. Prophetic Challenge made me think about how we can share our story, we show God’s love in what we do but we need use words as well to speak about our faith and why.


  1. We are already quite Jesus Shaped but we need to communicate why we do what we do.


  1. Jesus wants us to enjoy ourselves with others (eg steam club) Jesus is with us there too – he often went to “parties.” It’s about being fully alive.


  1. We are ordinary people and it’s OK to do ordinary things


  1. Jesus always had an eye on people and an eye on God at the same time.


  1. There is a positive energy and peace

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