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swifts and swallows
A full time recently.  Summer has seemed a long time coming.  Warmth arrived a few days ago and I was aching to see the swifts and swallows, jealous and impatient of those reporting them from further south.
On Sunday evening I walked to Yardley Wood Baptist Church to hear my friend Trevor Neill speak about his deep thinking on Baptist mission and ministry on outer housing estates.  This was a great evening.  It was good to see Trevor’s congregation react so warmly to his words and really helpful to me to get a perspective from a slightly different angle on my work.
I stepped out of the Church into the sunset and three swifts roared past low.
A walk in the warm sun through urban beauty and promise.
I had a Quiet Day yesterday at Carmel.  This was the first reflective time I’ve managed to carve out for a bit and it was one of those days of things coming together.  The weather has changed and almost feels like summer (despite today’s rain).  Through the window – past a tree that is in flower for such a short time each year – I watched swallows soar in the urban sky.
Enkindling Love, Gillian Ahlgren’s new book on John and Teresa has arrived and I was able to begin reading it.  It is what I had hoped for.  I’ll write more when I have read more.
During the day it struck me that the fundamental question or questions I am living with have changed from ‘What is the most important thing in your life?’ to ‘What do you most desire?‘ and ‘What do I most desire?’.  This is real gift and something I can hold as I journey on, and especially as I walk in the autumn.
My main task in the next few days (alongside funerals and teaching) is to write a draft of my recommendations to the Diocese on the way forward for estates ministry.  Please keep that in prayer.  You are all in my prayers

urban beauty – outer estates

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