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holywell pilgrimage 1

the idea was to walk from Shrewsbury Abbey where St Winefrede’s Shrine was


to Holywell where her miracle happened.  About 60 miles, lots of good hills from Oswestry onwards, three long days and two short ones.  For me it was a chance to get match fit for the Cistercian Way in a couple of weeks and to test and overhaul my kit.

We wild camped for all but one night when we stayed in a campsite


although one of those nights (with permission and invitation from the owners) was in a summerhouse


Roland bearing up under severe privation

I am very glad I did it.  I spent the first couple of very hot days struggling under my pack and telling myself I was a b*****y idiot and the Cistercian Way would be my last walk.  Fitness kicked in and I loved the views and the country


Even in the heat and dryness we didn’t need to resort to dog milk (making coffee from a sheep trough doesn’t count, right?) and we were able to test the best cures for dehydration (a pint of water, a pint of light coloured bitter, and a bag of pork scratchings).


We ate well (here is Roland demonstrating how to cook with bleach).



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