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cistercian way kit list – updated
August 25, 2016, 6:09 pm
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I am in the process of packing for 700 miles along the Cistercian Way in Wales in September and October.  Comments and suggestions welcome – I’m trying to shave stuff off, but will be walking through the Welsh autumn.  I carried more or less this kit from Shrewsbury to Holywell the other week. (I am interested in the differences between this and the stuff I carried on the Levante seven years ago here)

  • Crux AK70 rucksack
  • Scarpa R-Evo GTX boots
  • Keen Walking sandals


  • Terra Nova Elite 350 sleeping bag
  • liner
  • alpkit hunka bivi bag
  • alpkit  mat


  • Laser Competition 1 tent (with groundsheet and without inner tent)
  • Hi viz vest
  • 3x long sleeve technical shirts
  • 2x light walking trousers
  • 3x technical underwear
  • 1x softshell jumper
  • 1x windshirt
  • 3x socks and liner socks
  • duvet jacket
  • waterproof jacket
  • waterproof trousers
  • buff
  • drybags
  • 2l waterbottles
  • 2m cord
  • toilet roll
  • washing powder
  • glasses, prescription sunglasses, cases
  • mobile phone
  • phone charger pack
  • notebook and pencil
  • kindle
  • maps (I will pick up maps from friends a couple of times en route)
  • mapcase and compass
  • penknife, spork, mug, cooking pot
  • alcohol stove
  • meths
  • lighter and matches
  • washstuff and towel
  • First Aid Kit (whistle, micropore, sheepwool, 2nd skin, crepe bandage, antiseptic cream, ibuprofen, allergy tablets, safety pins, lip balm, sunscreen, nail clippers, knee support bandage, needle and thread).
  • sunhat
  • headlamp
  • walking poles

Total weight approx 14 kilos.


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2 headlamps? Battery or solar powered? Why 2 of them? I can see you needing to walk a short distance in the dark (a pee at night) but you aren’t planning to actually cover any distance in the dark are you?

Comment by Margaret

two very light battery powered ones. I’m not planning to walk in the dark but there would be a possibility of needing to at the end when the nights have drawn in. The extra one is negligible weight

Comment by pilgrimpace

If you don’t need it to the end of the walk, when the days are getting shorter get Bharti to send it to you nearer the time. Lots of negligible weight ends up not negligible.

Roland came to visit Rachel and I on our long walk and we exchanged winter weight sleeping bags for summer weight ones. And you won’t be so far from home for that sort of thing not to be possible.

Cheryl Strayed, who walked the Pacific trail totally unprepared and monstrously overloaded until someone took her in hand took a dozen condoms (I think, I don’t want to slander her) which, no doubt, were negligible in weight. Which means? I have no idea…

Comment by Margaret

I think you could reduce your clothing, those you propose 3x to 2x. Also your first aid is very extreme. One softshell is sufficient if even necessary at all? you are carrying 3 jackets? I cant imagine the Welsh weather to be any worse than Irish. Why do you carry a bivi bag when you have a tent sheet and ground sheet and sleep bag and liner ?. You are never going to be far away from some sort of village. I look forward to reading your blog as I hope to follow in your footsteps (without the tent). Una

Comment by unadara

I can’t think of anything you could lose, except perhaps washing powder but I would add
duct tape, hand sanitiser, matches (waterproof ones are good)

Comment by Pauline Weaver

thank you everyone – this is very helpful. I’ve a few days to play with it all, so will look at losing a bit of weight if I can. Good idea Margaret about leaving some of the winter things until later. I’ve sent maps ahead to a couple of friends so I only have to carry a third of them at any time.
I have an ongoing inner conflict about size of notebook, but the smaller one is in the bag at the moment

Comment by pilgrimpace

Mother gave me some stuff that could wash people, hair and clothes a journey. Might that replace washing powder and personal soap and shampoo and save on weight?

Comment by Margaret

playing around with packing. One softshell jumper and one headlamp discarded. I now have an extra pile of stuff for colder weather that will be delivered to me somehow by Bharti later on in the pilgrimage. Thanks for the help

Comment by pilgrimpace

What happened to my previous message.? You wont need reminding about putting second skin on at first signs of redness. Maybe take 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of trousers. Just one softshell jumper. You only need 2 pairs of summer walking socks withe the liner socks. Less sweat less chance of blisters maybe? Your waterproof trousers and jacket over shorts and sleeveless duvet coat can be used in different weather conditions with a shirt or t shirt . A light pertex windproof is the best piece of kit I have ever bought. Better than taking 3 shirts something you might wear every day. Black bcc dustbin liner can be useful. Victory penknife has scissors.
Hopefully you will end up with just what you need for a memorable pilgrimage.
We are in St Davids from 17-24 September if you are passing by text or phone us .

Comment by John McGill

Thank you everyone. I have just updated the list based on your advice. The combination of staying in people’s homes from time to time and periods of wildcamping has made me lean towards a few extra items of clothing. Still a couple of days to play around, so please let me have any more thoughts


Comment by pilgrimpace

Nothing for fun. Any suggestions?

Comment by Joy Hasler

Or music. MP3 player. They are tiny.

Comment by Joy Hasler

Thanks Joy – I’ve got my kindle with plenty to read. Hoping to drink plenty of beer on the way round

Comment by pilgrimpace

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