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September 8, 2016, 7:58 pm
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The previous post went live before I had finished it, so to continue …

please note that I cannot post photos for some reason – I will have plenty to share when I can

This has been a good start to the pilgrimage. I am settling in and feeling fit – although if I am honest the bit through north west Wales feels a little bit daunting. Reflecting on trust in God, myself and others, and on not worrying about the future.

Two days ago Roland and I set off from his house and made our way along quiet back roads to Camarthen. We ate a good dinner and parted. I walked on, again along the sort of roads that have grass growing in the middle of them to a village north of St Clears. A 20 mile day. In the afternoon the mist of the last two days lifted and I basked on the glory of the countryside.

I stayed with Fr J, the Vicar. His Aunty Margaret was a wonderful part of St Bedes and we buried her last year. I again received wonderful hospitality, praying together, deep conversation about priesthood.

In the morning, it was impossible to walk to Tenby before the last boat to Caldey. I was glad of a lift. This was even better as it included a brilliant insight into rural parish ministy in Camarthenshire. The journey included a visit to a primary school, small simple churches surrounded by ancient burial grounds, and visits to farmers. 

We planned fish and chips in Tenby but when I went to get a boat ticket, there were no more sailings. I said I was booked in the Monastery, and one of the boats bringing tourists back took me straight over.

What a rich week, what a pilgrimage this is turning out to be.


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Hello Andy,
I’m so glad to hear that you are having a well deserved rest with the monks of Caldey – such a wonderful place and wonderful people. We remember you in our prayers.

Please could you pray for the two children (a girl, S, aged 9 and a boy, K, aged 10) who had a fight outside the church this evening during cafe – we adults on duty had words with both of them to sort it out, but it wasn’t easy. Both have difficult home backgrounds so it’s no wonder there is so much aggression in them. They have been told by their carers to ‘fight back’ when someone hits them, but we know that is not the answer.


Comment by Sharon

Thanks Sharon, great to hear from you. Prayers of course! The brothers here send their love to everyone at Llanfair. I should be getting a boat this morning and then walking towards Milford Haven

Comment by pilgrimpace

Great to hear from you Andy. nigel T

Comment by Nigel

Thanks Nigel!

Comment by pilgrimpace

It all sounds so wonderful and peaceful. I am truly with you in spirit–someone who never met you and lives a half a world away! But what does that matter?

Comment by Beverly Sizemore Furnival

Thank you Beverley.
That really cheered me up when I arrived here soaking and exhausted!

Comment by pilgrimpace

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