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Half way there and back again …
September 11, 2016, 4:53 pm
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My plan was to spend a day and a half walking to St Davids, visit the Cathedral and the site of the Shrine, and then get the bus back here before rejoining the Cistercian Way.

I set off this morning thinking I would camp near Newgale. The weather forecast was good and I was walking in sun. 

The sun has stayed for the day, the problem was that a gale blew up. After three hours I got to the coast. The winds were throwing me around as they caught my pack. I looked again at the weather forecast – it now said 40mph winds overnight. Camping was out of the question. I.thought about going on to St Davids YHA but I was being thrown around by the wind as it caught my pack. I decided it was best to turn round back to the cottage I have been staying in (thanks Rachel and Simon; a real shelter from the storm). A conversation with a farmer confirmed the wisdom of going inland. So, six hours walking and I am back where I started! You cannot take on some sorts of weather.

So, tomorrow I will travel by bus for a day trip to St Davids and then to Whitland.

I hope this is not tempting fate, but my feet and body are holding up well. Bit sore and achey, so no complaints! 

Just after I had turned back, a small bus passed me and stopped. The driver was very helpful and very upset that I didn’t want a ride. Even if I had been tempted, he wasn’t going anywhere helpful to me.

This first section of the Pilgrimage has been – on paper – a bit loopy and squiggly as I make an excursion to St Davids. I remembered as I walked my two favourite books on the Camino de Santiago: Roads to Santiago / The Road to Santiago by Walter Starkie / Cees Nooteboom. They are books that will enlarge and open your heart and spirit. Neither of them go in a straight line. And neither of them walk all the way.

If Wales and her weather permit, I will walk most of the way back round to Penrhys. But, most importantly, I can feel my heart and soul opening and softening.

prayers for you

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I like that thought, that the Way is often not straight and reaching the end is not always possible. Blessings on you this week in your travelling.

Comment by stephencwinter

Thanks Stephen
Prayers for you too

Comment by pilgrimpace

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for St Davids Day – not quite as bad weather as today, but a storm made me turn back to shelter

Comment by pilgrimpace

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