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“In the olden days people felt great sympathy for men and women who pledged themselves to undertake a  pilgrimage, for they knew that there were grievous sins that could not be remitted by priest or confessor.  Such sins needed the expiation of a pilgrimage to Santiago or to Rome, and so they considered it their duty to assist their friends who made the vow of pilgrimage.”

-Walter Starkie


“The monk must work to create this emptiness, this space within, so that the power of God’s word can fill it.  Only then will this power spring up like a flash of light or as a force which can transform me.  This does not normally happen quickly.  Perseverance, humility and patience are needed, and not some sort of interior searching and questioning which would be no help at all.  What the monk must do is nurture his desire for the word of God in faith and trust.  The attitude of soul and heart which we are describing is not always easy or comfortable.  The reason for this is that it is an attempt to persevere in what is in fact an interior desert.”

– Andre Louf

I managed a four mile walk along the canal today.  Knee is holding up, although it tired me a lot physically!

Thinking and reflecting about weakness, smallness, vulnerability, brokenness and the Good News of the Gospel.  Lots of connections forming and being glimpsed in this space carved out by pilgrimage and Cistercian reading.

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