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One of the Cistercian Way days that has stuck in my mind is the day from Caerleon.  I had stayed overnight with Joe and Joy, and was dropped back in Caerleon in the morning.  I had plenty of time to look round the Roman sites.


After the Amphitheatre, I went to the Museum.  I was especially taken by this fragment of a Labyrinth Mosaic


I thought of this often over the next few days as I tried to pick my way through paths and tracks, not always going exactly the way I had intended, never quite getting lost.


Climbing down from Lodge Hill Hill Fort I twisted my knee slightly (the only time in that last week of walking that I had knee trouble).  Overlooking Llantarnam, I changed my planned route slightly to stay on minor roads, but making sure that I would climb Twmbarlwm at the end of the day.  This, with the exception of the big hill, turned out to be the way sick pilgrims would have travelled.  I was glad that it passed a good pub at lunchtime where I was able to imbibe some muscle relaxant.

I pondered what connections there might be between the prayerful disciplines of walking a labyrinth and walking a pilgrimage.


Home now, the inward journey goes on.  I can’t discern what it is or where it is going exactly.  Time for faith, time for love, time to step out in the dark.

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