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voy contigo
November 26, 2016, 12:19 pm
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I sit with a soul full of Paul Nash today after a visit to London yesterday and the excellent show at The Tate.  So much in my mind about landscape, beauty, war, suffering, seeing and perceiving, dreaming.

I sit with a soul warmed by the ambition and enthusiasm of the Church of England for Estates Ministry and Churches that I saw yesterday in the first meeting of the Reform and Renewal Group on Estates Evangelism.  More on this soon.

I sit and reflect as deeply as I can on my Cistercian Way Pilgrimage.  I’m writing an article about it which I’ll post here soon.  Good to be retreading that journey.


In the meantime, here is a good pilgrimage poem:

Voy contigo
con mi mochila
y mi sombrero
con mi silencio
y mi soledad .
Con mis pies
con mi cabeza
y con mi alma.
Voy conmigo
y mis pasos
me huelen
a libertad.

I’m going with you
With my backpack
And my hat
With my silence
And my loneliness.
With my feet
With my head
And with my soul.
I’m going with me
And my footsteps
I sense
Freedom to me.

Benjamin Garcia Crisostomo


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