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Perhaps Therese of Lisieux, patroness of all missions, was meant to live out a destiny in which her time was limited to a minimum, her actions were reduced to essentials, her heroism was indiscernible to those who looked for it, and the scope of her mission covered a mere few square meters, in order to teach us that the effectiveness of a mission is not always measurable by the hands of a clock, that actions are not always visible, that missions covering vast distances will be joined by missions that penetrate straight into the depth of the crowds of humanity.  In that abyss, these missions will make contact with the human spirit that questions the world, and oscillates between the mystery of a God who wants it to be small and stripped bare, and the mystery of a world that wants it to be great and powerful. 

from Ville Marxiste, Terre de Mission by Madeleine Delbrel

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Thank you for this comment on Teresa of Lisieux. I don’t know much about her, but these words are so inspiring and encouraging.

Comment by revdamanda

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