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We are really pleased that Natalie Collins will be joining St Bede’s as a Mission Apprentice in September.

This is a Diocesan Scheme.  Natalie will be helping us to grow and to deepen our work with the local community.

You can find out more about Mission Apprentices here.

There will be a Commissioning Service with Bishop Anne at St. Luke’s, Great Colmore Street at 3pm on Sunday 9th September 2018.

Please keep Natalie (and St Bede’s) in your prayers


June 25, 2018, 1:52 pm
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Not a bad way to arrive at a Conference

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The cost of discerning a call is too high for some

There is an extremely good article by Emma Ash in The Church Times this week reminding us that the financial cost of discerning a vocation to the priesthood in the Church of England can cost £1000 (read the article here).  This can be an insurmountable obstacle for people who do not have a high income.

There has been a very helpful discussion about this in the last few days on Twitter.

If anyone has any stories about how financial or other middle class obstacles have affected them in discerning lay and priestly vocations, could you let myself or Lynne Cullens have them (obviously in complete confidence).

NECN sits on various groups looking at nurturing greater diversity in Church of England leadership, and there is considerable will to effect change. We can feed comments and anonymised stories into the process to try to make change.

May 20, 2018, 7:33 pm
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This has been a week.  In amongst all the good, “ordinary” local things in Brandwood and in Birmingham, some wonderful travelling.

A trip to south London to work with the folk at the Church Plant at Ackroydon Hall on the estate in Southfields.  A great time exploring the possibilities of Jesus Shaped People together, and for me some deep learning about other communities, other estates, other churches.  And beer.  And food.

Some time off in Rochdale with Mark and Wendy.  A couple of walks in the South Pennines


and time reflecting together on ministry, faith and life.

And then this morning to London again.


a visit first to Haringey to the Bernie Grant Arts Centre for the Churches Together Pentecost Service


and then to the very special Church on the Farm on Broadwater Farm to preach, to learn about this Church and its work and presence on this estate, to experience such vibrancy and love, and followed by the best goat and rice and chicken I have had the pleasure to eat.

Time now to catch up with myself and to reflect and pray properly on all this.

selection procedures favour middle class

I am very grateful to Madeleine Davies and The Church Times for picking up on the issues of class and indigenous leadership and estate churches from the recent NECN Conferences in this excellent article.

Laurie Green – bibliography

(As part of the NECN Estate Church Toolkit I am putting a number of resources on this blog that the Toolkit will link to)

Bishop Laurie Green has asked us to share the Bibliography from his excellent book Blessed are the Poor? Urban Poverty and the Church, SCM 2015 (if you have not read this, do – it is extremely good).


The Bibliography is here as a document:


or here:

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necn – follow up from the conferences

Dear Friends,

it was really good to see you last week at our excellent Conferences.  There was such a lot of great energy in the room, fantastic numbers, and a lot for us to get on with now.

If you were at the Conferences, can I ask you to spend a few moments completing this questionnaire about the Conference – it will help us take the work forward and to run next year’s as well as we can.  The link for the questionnaire is here:


To keep in touch with each other, we have the NECN Page on Facebook, and – as requested at the Conference – have just set up a Closed Facebook Group at


Let us know if we can support you in any way.


With love and prayers,


Andy and the Team