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holy saturday
April 15, 2017, 1:41 pm
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Cart – Puebla de Sanabria

Behind the monastery, down by the road,

there is a cemetery of worn out things

there lie smashed china, rusty metal,

cracked pipes and twisted bits of wire,

empty cigarette packets, sawdust,

corrugated iron, old plastic, tyres beyond repair:

all waiting for the Resurrection, like ourselves.

– Ernesto Cardenal


holy saturday

Ikon of the Harrowing of Hell

I want you back


Why are you hiding?

What made you run?

I see you,

you who are crouched in that squalid corner,

exhausted, scared, covered in dirt,

bewildered and confused at exactly how you got there.

All misery and shame are yours.

You think there’s no way back

but I am the way –

I’m the one who makes the ways!

And I will make a way back just for you.

I will work night and day to clear the paths

and not stop ‘til it is finished,

then I will come and crouch next to you in your corner,

point to the path I have made,

lift you in my strong arms

and carry you, drained and filthy as you are,

carry you all the way back home.

JK Rowbory

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