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April 12, 2017, 7:43 pm
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a day for Roy Fisher’s poetry today


“In this city the governing authority is limited and mean: so limited
that it can do no more than preserve a superficial order. It supplies
fuel, water and power. It removes a fair proportion of the refuse,
cleans the streets after a fashion, and discourages fighting. With
these things, and a few more of the same sort, it is content. This
could never be a capital city for all its size. There is no mind in it, no
regard. The sensitive, the tasteful, the fashionable, the intolerant
and powerful, have not moved through it as they have moved
through London, evaluating it, altering it deliberately, setting in
motion wars of feeling about it. Most of it has never been seen.”


a slew of connections
November 16, 2013, 1:33 pm
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Pondering a slew of connected things.

A day of practical work today offering welcome and raising money for the Philippines through Christian Aid (Quiz tonight at St Bede’s if anyone wants to come).

Philip Gross’ question of “Is it wrong to be delighted by the sun-glitter on the sea, on a day of grim news?  Or does loving the world of sense sharpen our tenderness?” sits in my mind and heart alongside a very moving and deep discussion of angry prayer in one of the Jesus Shaped People Groups at St Gabriel’s this week.

Roy Fisher’s remark that “Birmingham is what I think with” on Radio 4 this week suggests so much to me

and returning to words of David Scott “From prayer to prayer involves a dwindling …”

Perhaps all this comes together in a question I was once taught to ask at the beginning of each day:

What am I supposed to do today for the sake of the Kingdom?

and how do we (or I) navigate my way through all this in a way that is loving, effective, purposeful?