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after the deluge

It’s been quite a couple of days.  There was a storm on Thursday in which a month’s worth of rain fell in a couple of hours.

As I’ve written before, one of the good things of the past year has been the renovation of St Gabriel’s Centre to a really good standard.  Unfortunately the roof didn’t hold up to the deluge and it poured through.  We mopped up, we spoke to the insurance company, we moved the Breakfast and After School Clubs into the Church, we had to tell our other users that the Centre is out of action for a while.  It looks like a new roof or extensive repairs, a new floor and substantial redecoration are needed.

I’ll reflect with you on all this later, although I want to say that there are a lot of positive things emerging for this amongst all the difficulty and exhaustion.  Could you pray for us – myself, St Gabriel’s Church and Centre and Weoley Castle.

And then there is also the profound joy of my colleague Kate Pearson being ordained deacon at Birmingham Cathedral tomorrow.  Pray for her and her ministry.

Flicking through The Green Book of Poetry this morning, I found this by Anna Akhmatova.  A real poem about hope:

Everything has been plundered, betrayed, sold out,

The wing of black death has flashed,

Everything has been devoured by starving anguish,

Why, then, is it so bright?


From fantastic woods near the town

Wafts the scent of cherry blossoms by day,

At night new constellations shine

In the transparent depths of the skies of July –


And how near the miraculous draws

To the dirty, tumbledown huts …

No one, no one knows what it is,

But for centuries we have longed for it.