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Reflection, poetry, prayer, place, walking, pilgrimage, the business and busyness of parish ministry, God’s Kingdom of loving justice, those things that sustain me deeply, those things that feed me.

This blog began as I walked on pilgrimage  from Valencia to Santiago de Compostela in Spain in autumn 2009 .  It enabled  friends to keep in touch with me while I walked and  allowed me to reflect.

Since I returned home I have carried on.  I use it to give reflections, quotes and the like which speak to me as an urban parish priest.  The blog has a clear pilgrimage slant; something which increasingly informs my life.

Welcome in and stay in touch

I appreciate any comments you have



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Andy…. you can delete this comment later….. but just wanted to let you know I have another Camino kind of blog- Camino-spirations- http://kiwinomadsphotos.blogspot.com/

Comment by Kiwinomad

Hey – nice site. Love the blog roll. I’ll come back and have another look when I’ve got more time.

Comment by Jo Ind

Hi Jo,



Comment by pilgrimpace

ahhhh you’ve done it. i’d like to do it one day. you know, i’ve never thought about my walking as pilgrimage but it’s definitely how center myself spiritually. is it possible to be on permanent pilgrimage?

Comment by Shiv

Thanks Shiv. I think it is possible to be on permanent pilgrimage – there’s a Russian book called ‘The Way of the Pilgrim’ about one model of this. I think that for myself, it is finding out how occasional pilgrimages inform, enrich and broaden the rest of life.



Comment by pilgrimpace

awesome. thanks for the book reference as well.

Comment by Shiv

Thanks Shiv – plenty for us both to ponder!

Comment by pilgrimpace

Lovely site.

Comment by sophiecussen

thanks Sophie – welcome to pilgrimpace


Comment by pilgrimpace

I am enjoying your posts. Thank you for following mine. Perhaps some day I will get to The Camino . . .

Comment by opreach

thanks – and also thanks for your blog


Comment by pilgrimpace

Will have to spend more time exploring all your different posts. We are walking the Camino from St Jean to Santiago in September. Love reading about other’s experiences 🙂

Comment by wisemonkeysabroad

thanks. I hope your planning and dreaming goes well.
Buen Camino!

Comment by pilgrimpace

I andy,

surfing the net I found your blog, really interesting.

actually i’m organizing a long pilgrimage from dublin to rome, and I saw that you were hiking in some paths that i will follow, as the st swithun’s way.
i would like some advice, like place to stay like camping or farm.
i will follow the Offa s dyke path , after i will cross bristol bath and direction to salisbury. in salisbury i,m planning to follow clarendon way st swithun’s way and North dows way until canterbury where i will start the francigena way.

do you have any advice?it would be great for me

ps i live very close to kilmainham jail, i hope you have enjoyed dublin

Comment by matteo

Thanks Matteo
I will reply properly when I get time tomorrow

Comment by pilgrimpace

Hi Matteo,
sorry for not replying sooner. In Dublin, I was staying at Kilmainham Hospital – my wife is there as an Artist in Residence at IMMA.

I walked St Swithun’s Way and the North Downs Way with my friend Roland a few years ago. We didn’t have time to do it in one go, so walked it in two sections. There’s a guide to St Swithun’s Way available from the Tourist Office in Winchester (if you google St Swithun’s Way, you will find the details). We also used the Ordnance Survey north Downs Way Route Guidebook. Both were fine for finding the way easily.

We had tents and wild camped a lot of the way. It wasn’t too difficult to find places to pitch as it got dark, and we left early to leave no trace. We stayed in Youth Hostels when these were available.

The only problem we had was that it was incredibly wet when we walked the second half. This meant we were very slow as the chalk mud is slippery and sticky. I enjoyed the route.

Roland recently walked the Francigena. He has put his notes on this site:


Happy planning. Let me know if I can help more,


Comment by pilgrimpace

Came across your pilgrimage writing just as I am rather nervously about to embark on the marymichael pilgrims way next week

Comment by Sally Wilson

Hope it goes well Sally! Are you walking the whole route? Andy

Comment by pilgrimpace

I m starting at lands end on19th and may arrive at Brentor in 2 or 3 weeks alot of sacred sites and churches to visit so more of a meander coming home for a while then back on the trail from Brentor to Avebury end of May A pilgrimage is where you walk every day but sometimes you just have to go somewhere else! Sally

Comment by Sally Wilson

Hope it goes well – I’ve done plenty of pilgrimages where the route is walked in sections of a week or so – to me it is still a pilgrimage. Enjoy it!

Comment by pilgrimpace

Hi Andy, is there a way someone can get in touch with Dr Bonnie Thurston please?

Comment by ANNE PACE

I don’t know. You could try leaving a comment on the post she replied to and see if she picks it up.

Comment by pilgrimpace

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